Key Responsibilities
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the organization’s risk appetite, limits and tolerance levels.
  • Assist the Board/Management to develop and communicate risk management policies, risk appetite and risk limits.
  • Coordinate the identification, assessment and recording of business risks relating to processes and functions.
  • Define the enterprise risk management framework and establish guidelines for the development and implementation of supporting policies and procedures.
  • Incorporate risk considerations into strategic decision-making and ensure alignment between business strategies of line management and the risk policy.
  • Ensure portfolio optimization through risk diversification and transfer strategies, in line with the risk/reward profile.
  • Provide input into capital and resource allocation decisions.
  • Establish and maintain a risk awareness culture and provide appropriate opportunities for organizational learning, including lessons learned from previous problems, on-going communication, training and development.
  • Monitor and report on adherence to the organizations risk framework / policies to the Board.
  • Act as the point of contact between the organization and Regulators/investors with reference to risk management issues.
  • Build a risk monitoring system complying with Basel I & Basel II & Basel III requirements for assessing, reviewing and mitigating risk factors.
  • Establish a Credit Rating system for the Group as well as develop and implement a Credit Risk Management policy for the Group Credit Department
  • Define procedure and guidelines for the establishment of the credit committee, ALCO committee etc.
  • Develop objectives for measuring, monitoring, evaluating, and mitigating the risk exposure of the Group and ensure that they are reported in a timely manner to regulatory entities and the management of the Group.
  • Oversee the Risk Management department in delivering high quality and professional service to the Group and the clients in the field of risk management.
  • Recommend and maintain proper approval processes for all transaction types to ensure proper risk control.
  • Ensure that classified loans are reported and properly administered in the system of the Group.
  • Establish procedures and execute Profitability and Risk analysis for the Group frequently.
  • Chairing Portfolio Management and Risk and Compliance Committees
    Develop predictive dynamic monitoring procedures/systems for the Risk Management Department.

Candidates should possess a Master’s Degree qualification with at least 12 years work experience.





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