Starting a new business in Nigeria requires a vast number of steps, and as such, can be demanding and stressful. Talent PEO experts can assist with the early steps of setting up and help you better understand the early-stage aspects of your business. We give our clients insight and they gain clarity when working with our experienced professionals who have been through the process multiple times. Through our business start-up consulting services, we help our clients research and implement business solutions, and build strategic relationships that will take their business to the next level.

We will advise you on the best strategy to use for your business plans and help you navigate through the complexities of Nigeria’s business culture. Setting up a company can be done faster and implementing accounting systems and taking care of financial and tax compliance is made easier when you reach out to us. Fortunately, our service doesn’t stop there when there are still so many other things to consider, like opening a bank account, sourcing for an office/work space, drafting legal documents, and recruiting talents.

Benefits of engaging Talent PEO for your Business Start-up

1. Access to strategic business plans and hassle-free market entry support services
2. Tailored expert advice on the right business structure
3. Registration of your company
4. Assistance with opening of a bank account
5. Tax planning and registrations (Company Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, Withholding Tax e.t.c )
6. In-House accounting and compliance services if required
7. In-House specialist legal advice
8. Assistance with sourcing for an office/workspace
9. Assistance with sourcing and recruiting talents.
10. Business Growth by creating marketing campaigns that produce results and sales tactics to generate profits and excel in the long term.
Most importantly, your business needs are coordinated seamslessly.