Easy, & Error Free Payroll Management For Your African Employees

Compliantly pay your African Team with ease.

Payroll Management

Payroll outsourcing can alleviate the burden of managing employee payroll in foreign countries, saving valuable company resources. With varying tax authority requirements and time-sensitive processes, it’s crucial to ensure timely payments and keep remote employees motivated.

At Talent PEO Africa, we specialize in payroll management for both expatriates and local nationals. Our dedicated accountants seamlessly collaborate with your in-house accounting or HR department, streamlining your payroll procedures. From precise calculation and distribution of payments to tax withholding and remittance, we provide comprehensive reporting and compliance support. Our services are highly customizable, catering to the specific requirements of your business while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.



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Across Africa

Our range of payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing calendar (for submission, approval, funding)
  • Monthly tax & social contributions
  • Monthly payslips
  • Year-end filing
  • Handling of staff expenses/ disbursements/ reimbursements
  • Handling of medical insurance
  • Calculation of payment to third parties (pension funds, insurance)
  • Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation and of the statutory termination indemnity in case of dismissal
  • Preparation of monthly accruals for statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter, and vacation) and any other annual bonuses that may be provided to the employees
  • Customized reports on request etc.


Don’t let payroll management consume valuable time and resources. Let us take care of it for you so you can focus on growing your business. Sign up for our payroll management services today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your payroll is in good hands.

Payroll Management

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