The success of any organization largely depends on its employees.

When an employee is well suited for their job, the organization enjoys the benefits hence why organizations always seek to perfect the recruitment and selection processes for each job position.

A good recruitment and selection process is very key in any company. These processes help companies attract, select, and onboard suitable candidates for different job positions.


Here are specific tasks involved in the process of recruitment:

Job analysis: it describes the skill, knowledge, and other requirements for the job.
Sourcing: attract candidates to apply for job vacancies via social media platforms or referral
Screening: involves taking the candidate through a series of procedures to analyze whether or not they’re suitable for a position advertised. This usually involves a variety of assessments that may take different forms such as aptitude test, intelligence test, drug test, performance test, and personality test amongst others.
Job interview: as it suggests, it is aimed at accessing a more detailed aspect of candidates and selling the job to the candidates.
Background check: this is to confirm that the information supplied by candidates is accurate.
Decision Making: involves choosing the most suitable candidate for the job that is being offered. It can involve a lot of technicalities as a lot of personal factors are put into consideration at this point.

For example, selecting a candidate based on their personality strengths and weaknesses.

Offer: this is the final step where an offer is made to the most suitable candidate and negotiations are made by both parties.

The Recruitment Services that we offer are listed below:-

Contract Recruitment

On your behalf we manage the entire recruitment process and even handle the HR responsibility of a contract employee. From sourcing of the talent, developing a fixed employment contract, payroll, compensation & benefits, and immigration & Mobility

Permanent Recruitment

We manage the recruitment of both skilled and experienced local or expatriate talents for meticulous, critical, and strategic roles across the industries we cover.

Mass recruitment

We also recruit in large quantities. With additional support, our team of recruiters will provide great talents to join your business and boost your brand for success.

We understand that a recruitment process can be rigorous as it deals with a lot of complexities such as identifying talents and choosing the most qualified candidates. Talent PEO Africa has developed an effective recruitment strategy to minimize such complexities.