Payroll Services and Tax

Managing the payroll of employees in foreign countries can cause unnecessary strain on a company’s resources. Tax authority requirements differ from country-to-country and the process is time-sensitive to avoid late payments and uphold the morale of remote employees.

Whether expatriates or local nationals, our organisation can guarantee compliant and timely fund remittance by outsourcing your payroll duties. Our accountants at Talent PEO Africa will work in tandem with your in-house accounting or HR department, to standardize your global payroll processes.

General local payroll management and set up, Secure records with timely, detailed reporting. Clear and comprehensible local payroll calculations, Rapid movement of funds for salaries and tax remittances, Continuous monitoring of tax regulation in the countries. Your organisation can be free of the worries generated by a disjointed and non-compliant payroll system

Employer Of Record/Umbrella Solutions

Employer of Record (EoR) or Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) or Co-Employment Services or Joint-Employment Relationship. This option allows clients to employ new or existing individuals compliantly in a country where a local entity is lacking. The EoR solution ensures the client retains day-to-day management of the individual. Talent PEO handles all necessary local employment and HR tasks and also acts like the legal employer.

Our PEO experts will constantly observe local legislation to ensure the employee remains totally compliant through the course of their employment, and will operate in tandem with the client’s HR and accounting team to inform them of any developments

Immigration Solution / Compliance

Immigration policies and rules are constantly shifting, and there is increased scrutiny by governments of work permits, visas and types of business activity. This makes compliance the number one challenge for multinationals, and immigration violations can have lasting consequences for a company and its employees.

Instead of risking non-compliance with immigration laws, this way Talent PEO Africa would provide the services that the staff on assignment requires to be legally permitted to work in the country, eliminating the issues with remote payroll, overuse of business visas and multiple entries into the country. Talent PEO experts handle all work permit and visa requirements, avoiding any complications or scrutiny from immigration authorities.

Consultancy Services

We can support through the entirety of the process, even after the reins have been handed over, on an advisory or consultancy basis.

Our operations and the on-boarding of employees have afforded Talent PEO Africa with a unique and profound bank of practical knowledge; situations are rarely black-and-white and thus guidance from an experienced partner is vital to ensure you take the correct next steps.

Recruitment Services

We at Talent PEO Africa find great talent that will give you a competitive edge by identifying and analyzing potential employees that have all the requirements and description by sourcing from our extensive database of candidates after a meticulous screening for a smooth on-boardind process.

Employees’ Compensation and Benefits Services

We at Talent PEO Africa offer competitive compensation and benefits packages which help attract and retain top talent. We give compliant, employee-friendly, and cost-effective benefits packages. With our rich benefits packages, your talent feels protected and valued, so you have
time to focus on growing your business.

Our compensation and benefit packages includes health insurance, life insurance, pension, performance-based bonus, annual bonus, car allowance, sick leave, annual leave, workers compensation e.t.c,

Value Added Services

Training & Development Services delivered on desktop and mobile devices to empower employees to control their professional development.

Performance Management Services provide guidance for performance reviews, employee and company goal alignment, and pay-for-performance policies to reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.

Administrative Service Organization / Management company: Talent PEO Africa register and manage companies on behalf of international clients on a regular basis thus allowing our experts to offer this service. In addition, the HR department monitors and controls the process to ensure client satisfaction at all times.

Independent Contractors Services are available to clients or an entity that provides expert services under a contract for either short, long or permanent terms.