Learn About Talent Peo

A Professional Employer Organization,or PEO, is a firm that allows companies to outsource most of their HR management responsibilities from generating employment contracts to running compliant payroll, offering competitive benefits, 24/7 HR support, and more to manage it all, so you can manage your business. Also knows as umbrella services. Talent PEO Limited is a professional employer organization(PEO) Company, based In Nigeria, we aim to provide our clients with the best Eemployment and payroll outsourcing solutions for all employees across the Nigeria and Africa. We deliver cost effective, outsourced services for HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management, and this allows owners and managers to focus on growing their business, not managing HR.

What Is Employment Outsourcing?

  • Also knows as Umbrella Services, PEO.
  • Hire and onboard workers without a registered company and outsource the process and administration
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What Are Hr Consulting Services?

  • In-Country Support for Various Hr Procedures
  • An Hr Specialist to Facilitate Your Requests
  • Dedicated Advice and Service for Your Hr Needs
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Why Employment Outsourcing?

  • No need to register an entity in country to do business
  • Reduced costs
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
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Why Payroll outsourcing?

  • Eliminates cost of initial hardware and software investment and its subsequent maintenance.
  • Opportunity cost from redeploying HR resources and investments to other areas.
  • Reduces errors from manual handling of data.
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What Are Immigration Services?

  • Providing Work Permit Solutions in-Country
  • We Manage the Process for Your Expats Seamlessly
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What Are Immigration Services?

  • Single solution for all your HR requirements.
  • One central point of contact for all your queries.
  • Centralising of payroll function.
  • Flexible on-call queries and reports when required.
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